Micro Weddings & Mini-Moons: Small-Scale Wedding Trends for Intimate Celebration

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When it finally comes time to plan your big day, you should be free to choose a wedding and honeymoon that suits your needs. While you should certainly commemorate your wedding with something special, you don’t have to break the bank doing so

Micro weddings and mini honeymoons are growing increasingly popular with couples today. While these small-scale celebrations make financial sense, people also enjoy the fact they are more intimate and flexible than large weddings. 

What are Micro Weddings?Small wedding event with bride and groom surrounded by friends.

Micro weddings are small-scale gatherings with a limited guest list of 20 or fewer people. While there is no single blueprint for how to plan a micro wedding, most have very simple ceremonies and informal receptions. 

The micro wedding trend essentially began during the pandemic, when people were forced to limit the size of gatherings for health and safety reasons. Today, many couples are sticking with this simplistic approach to save money and meet financial goals, like purchasing homes. 

Advantages of Small-Scale Weddings   

Opting for a micro wedding offers numerous benefits over orchestrating an extravagant production.

More Affordable 

As per a recent study, the average national wedding expenditure for 2023 stands at $29,000, while in certain major cities, it exceeds $35,000. While love itself is priceless, recent findings indicate that planning a micro wedding, with a national average cost of less than $11k, proves that you can fulfill your dream wedding without straining your budget!

Intimate Feel

Having good quality time with a smaller number of guests can be more meaningful than inviting hundreds of people you most likely won’t have the time to speak with. In turn, a micro wedding will give you an intimate feel and create memorable moments with the people who mean most to you. 

Creative Celebrations

Small weddings also allow for more creativity in the planning phase. When it comes to choosing a venue, you can pick anything from a friend’s private property to a destination wedding in an exotic locale. 

Increased Flexibility 

When you have a smaller guest list, you also have increased flexibility for unforeseen occurrences. For example, if you have an outdoor wedding planned and the weather suddenly turns for the worst, it’s easy to pivot if you only have 15 to 20 guests. 

How to Plan Your Micro Wedding  

No matter what your motivation for a small gathering might be, effective planning is a key part of a successful micro wedding. 

Start by Choosing a Venue Four people stand outside smiling and drinking wine.

If you start the planning process by choosing a venue, then you will know exactly how many people you can invite to your micro wedding. By letting the venue size guide your decisions, it will be easy to plan other critical elements like food, beverages, and entertainment. 

Personalize the Event 

Since micro weddings are small and manageable, they leave you ample opportunities to make personal touches. Some couples might focus on beautiful decor and a magical ambiance, while others may provide gourmet catering options that are simply unfeasible at larger weddings. 

Purchase Wedding Insurance

Even though small-scale weddings are more affordable than traditional gatherings, it’s still a good idea to get wedding insurance to protect your special day. Wedding insurance is specifically crafted to shield you from unexpected occurrences, such as injuries resulting from trip hazards or accidents related to alcohol consumption among your guests.

What are Mini-Moons? A man and woman sit on top of a mountain while watching the sun set.

Many couples are attracted to the concept of mini honeymoons due to their simplicity and affordability. Like staycations, mini-moons allow newlyweds to take a short trip somewhere close to home or the wedding site. The idea is to keep costs down, while also providing couples time to wind down and relax after the big day. 

Usually spanning a long weekend, often up to five days, the mini-moon offers couples a well-deserved break following the exhausting wedding celebrations. Importantly, it allows them to unwind without worrying about limited paid time off. Additionally, it provides couples who financed their wedding with extra time to save up for their unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime getaway.

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