DIY Wedding Tips for Budget-Conscious Couples

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While your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, it can also be an expensive endeavor. With do-it-yourself (DIY) wedding tips, you can reduce the cost of your special day, while also creating lasting memories with your spouse, family, and friends. 

Whether it be hosting the event at a family member’s home or making your own decorations, there are many options to cut costs at your wedding. In this blog post, we’ll share valuable ideas for budget-conscious couples. 

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Create a Memorable Experience with a DIY Wedding   

Planning a DIY wedding can be a fantastic idea for several reasons. Not only does this approach allow you to infuse your personal touch into the entire wedding, but your unique touches will help create a meaningful experience. Since DIY planning often involves family and friends, it creates opportunities for quality time, all the while fostering a sense of togetherness and celebration. 

4 Budget-Friendly DIY Wedding Ideas 

DIY wedding planning is all about cutting down on unnecessary expenses by handling things on your own. Plus, there’s no rule book! 

Wedding venue with hardwood floors and white linens and flowers.1) Venues

For many people, renting a lavish venue is one of the biggest expenses when planning a wedding. Rather than paying to host your wedding somewhere, is it possible to have the event at the home of a family member or friend? Not only will having your wedding at a free venue greatly reduce costs, but it can also feel more intimate and personal when it is at a place familiar to you. 

2) Decor 

Wedding decor is an area where DIY enthusiasts can really shine. From handmade centerpieces to creative signage and floral arrangements, handcrafted decor allows couples to infuse their personalities into every detail. Besides being budget-friendly, the process of crafting decorations can be a joyful and bonding experience for the couple and their loved ones. The result is a wedding that feels personal, intimate, and heartfelt. 

Wedding buffet with silver chafing dishes.3) Food 

You can also cut costs by thinking out of the box with wedding food and refreshments. Not only can you more closely align the menu with your culinary preferences, but you also have more flexibility to accommodate dietary restrictions for guests. Whether it’s a buffet, potluck, or family-style dinner, nothing can beat a homemade meal prepared with love. What better way to show appreciation for your guests? 

4) Entertainment 

Entertainment for your wedding can be as lavish or simple as you would like. Many DIY wedding couples simply choose to create playlists that exemplify their love for one another. As the event shifts into the nighttime, there are near-endless wedding-style playlists to choose from to get people on the dance floor. If you have a family member or friend who enjoys the spotlight, you can always recruit them to emcee the reception! 

Wedding Insurance: What It Is & Why You Need It  

A newly married couple holds hands.Wedding insurance is a specialized type of event insurance designed to protect couples from financial losses related to their wedding. Broken up into two distinct insurance types with cancellation coverage and liability protection, wedding insurance safeguards you during the planning phase and execution of the event. 

Things typically covered by wedding insurance include:

  • Weather incidents
  • Travel disruptions 
  • Vendor no-shows
  • Guest injuries 
  • Property damage 

Since weddings involve significant financial investments, unforeseen incidents can have devastating financial impacts. Wedding insurance offers peace of mind if something goes wrong at any point. Be sure to talk to your insurance company about coverage, as it may differ depending on the provider.

Wedding Liability Insurance Starting at $185 

Event Insurance Now has the coverage you need to insure your special day. Our liability coverage safeguards you from incidents that occur during the rehearsal phase, all the way through the actual event. We also invite you to speak with one of our representatives about cancellation coverage. We can walk you through our offerings.

You can easily find event insurance through our online portal, or work directly with one of our brokers in choosing the right plan for your needs. 

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