Camps & Sporting Events

Camps & Sporting Events


We have been specializing in insurance for camps and sporting events for over 35 years. Our experienced team is ready to help you secure the coverage you need for your camp or sporting event. For these types of events, a spectator liability policy may not be the right or only policy. Camps that include a variety of athletic and sporting activities like hikes, canoeing, fishing, dancing, relay games, etc. are not fully covered by a spectator liability policy. It is recommended that your insurance include participant liability coverage, which can be purchased to include claims made by participants. A participant liability policy can also offer protection for coaches and staff. A layer of accident medical coverage is added on to cover the participant liability. The general liability and accident medical coverage can be offered together in a single proposal.

Athletic Insurance, Athletic Event Insurance, and Team Insurance

Whether your team is playing baseball, football, or soccer, all sports are energetic, dynamic happenings where accidents can occur. Our sports insurance provides the team and athletic insurance you need for all your athletic events. Sports insurance coverage can be placed for all sporting events, such as amateur sports leagues, team leagues, youth camps, tournaments, triathlons, clinics, etc., to include protection for claims made by participants.

Sporting Events Insurance

Sporting events insurance, also known as athletic insurance or team insurance, provides the coverage often referred to as “participant liability,” and will also protect the insured for spectator occurrences. This “participant liability” policy can offer protection for the camp or event as well as coaches and staff.

Why Do You Need Insurance for Sports Events?

Whether it’s a camp, tournament, or single game, there are many opportunities for people to get injured at sporting events. From football to volleyball, it’s easy to overlook insurance until somebody gets hurt. Sports and athletic event insurance will keep participants, employees, and attendees protected, while also providing you with peace of mind.


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