Vendors & Exhibitors

Vendors  & Exhibitors

Vendors & Exhibitors

Vendors and exhibitors who participate in trade shows, craft shows, fairs, and exhibitions of all kinds come to Event Insurance Now for the insurance protection they need.

Rates start at $135 and will allow for two entities to be named as additional insureds.

Here is a brief summary of available vendor and exhibitor coverage:

  • $3,000,000 – Aggregate (total limit for the duration of the event)
  • $2,000,000 – Products/completed operations (for food/beverage only)
  • $1,000,000 – Personal and advertising injury
  • $1,000,000 – Each occurrence
  • $250,000 – Fire damage and property damage to leased premises.
  • Contractual liability provided.
  • The facility can be named as an additional insured at no extra cost.
  • Multiple additional insureds can be added for additional premium – two included at no cost.
  • Volunteers are included as additional insureds.
  • Set up and take down (day before and day after) included.
  • TRIA terrorism coverage, as stated in the TRIA act of 2002.

Optional additional coverages are available through this online program:

  • Umbrella liability – $1M limit at $500 minimum additional premium.
  • Hired and non-owned auto liability – $1M limit at $650 minimum additional premium.
  • Commercial liquor liability – $1M limit at $500 minimum additional premium.

Are You an Event or Show Producer?

If you promote events or produce consumer shows, let Event Insurance Now build you a dedicated portal for your vendors and exhibitors to purchase their coverage. We will provide an easy link specific to your event that you can send to all of your vendors and exhibitors. They can quickly and affordable purchase coverage and you’ll be automatically listed as additional insured. Please email us at to learn more about setting up your dedicated exhibitor coverage portal.

Why is Insurance for Vendors Important?

Since vendors operate at public events with large numbers of people, they are exposed to a good amount of liability. Whether you are selling food at a festival or working security at a convention, vendor insurance is a wise investment. Regardless of your business model, vendor insurance can protect you from lawsuits having to do with damaged property and personal injuries. Since most venues require vendors to have their own insurance policies, investing in coverage is a wise business decision.

How to Choose the Best Insurance Company

When it comes to protecting your livelihood, you can never be too careful. In the end, there is serious liability for vendors since they come in constant contact with the public. Vendors, exhibitors, and concessionaires are well-advised to work with an insurance provider that can cover all their needs.

From food and beverage to entertainment, Event Insurance Now has coverage to keep you protected. No matter what type of vendor business you operate, we offer coverage in all 50 states via our easy-to-use online services. You can also speak directly with an Event Insurance Now team member about our policy offerings.

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If you aren’t sure what type of vendor insurance you need, an instant quote from Event Insurance Now will clarify any questions you might have. We have the bandwidth and expertise to work with individuals, businesses, brokers, agents, and event planners alike.


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