Intimate Gatherings: The Rise of Small Events in 2024

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Whether it be a personal event or business function, attention to detail goes a long way to impress guests. As we look at planning trends in 2024, individually hosted events are gaining a lot of traction due to their small size and intimate nature. 

Many evolving circumstances have promoted a shift away from larger events in 2024. While some of these changes are financially motivated, other event organizers enjoy the creative freedom that comes with individually hosted events

Our industry-leading special event insurance company shares what you need to know about the increase in smaller gatherings and their many benefits.

About Event Planning in 2024 People sitting at a wood table write in notebooks.

Like the rest of the world, today’s event planning industry is operating in the post-COVID era. As such, the rise in labor costs and inflation has prompted individuals and event planners to scrutinize their expenditures more closely.

Sustainability is another important issue for the event planning industry in 2024. Once considered novelties, implementing eco-friendly practices such as digital invitations and recyclable materials is now the industry norm. 

4 Benefits of Small Events 

Whether planning a private event like a wedding or a corporate retreat, making the event more intimate has multiple benefits. 

1) Increased Customization 

Planning a more intimate gathering allows you to better focus on the details. Not only can you ensure that your layout is exactly how you want it, but you can also implement thoughtful additions like exotic appetizers, novel decor, and much more. 

2) Stronger Connections 

Hosting a small event also creates a more intimate atmosphere among attendees. With fewer individuals present, guests can devote more time to meaningful interactions. This is particularly important for business networking events done in the interest of finding new clients. 

3) More Exclusive Feel 

When you limit your guest list to a smaller size, it creates a more exclusive feel around the entire event. If it’s a private party, your closest family and friends will feel truly appreciated for being invited. 

4) Budget-Friendly

Small gatherings make it easier to fine-tune your spending. For example, when it comes to catering for larger events, over-ordering food and beverages is not unusual and can lead to overspending. Conversely, you can plan catering with more precision for a smaller gathering.  

Tips on How to Plan an Intimate GatheringFriends gather for a small event hosted in a backyard with a patio.

If you are interested in hosting smaller events, here are a few top tips: 

Less is More 

Throughout the planning phase of your small event, remember that less is more. Keeping a minimalist mindset will ensure you don’t spend extra money on unnecessary add-ons. 

Well-Planned Guest List 

A carefully curated guest list helps uphold the event’s intended purpose, whether it’s a networking event, celebration, or focused discussion, ensuring that attendees are in sync with that purpose.

Efficient Communication  

Since intimacy is one of the biggest selling points of a small event, you should utilize digital communication tools that keep everyone in the loop. For example, creating an event page on Facebook that includes all the attendees will ensure guests are informed. 

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Even if you only plan on hosting small events, it’s still very important to protect yourself and your guests with the right special event insurance package. We provide our clients with an easy-to-use online event insurance application as well as an experienced staff to help determine the best coverage for your unique needs. 

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