Insurance Agent & Broker News: 4 Ways to Make a Corporate Event More Sustainable

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Many event planners are increasingly conscious of environmental issues and they bring this messaging to the forefront of their events. In turn, insurance brokers and agents who can provide guidance on sustainability and suitable special insurance coverage can gain a competitive edge in the market.

Green corporate events are not only good for the environment, but they also strengthen brand reputation and loyalty among clients and customers. By becoming knowledgeable about eco-friendly practices, you can develop new relationships with people and companies that share those values. 

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What Corporate Event Agents Should Know About Sustainability

Sustainability is one of the most important trends in the corporate event planning market. As more organizers integrate eco-friendly practices into events, it’s essential that insurance agents and brokers remain informed about these trends.

Below are several ways organizers are incorporating eco-friendly practices into event planning.

1) Paperless Media 

One of the best ways to lighten the ecological footprint of a corporate event is to go 100% paperless. Organizers are considering ways to reduce paper consumption via digital media. 

Emails, social media notifications, and text messages all make for great digital event invitations. Once people arrive, digital QR codes can be used to register, as well as upload information related to event layout, entertainment, and food and beverage. 

Recyclable food containers on a table at an event.2) Waste Management  

Focusing on waste management within an event is a surefire way to lessen its ecological footprint. Since traditional corporate events can create waste from event swag, plastic utensils, and a lack of recycling, there are immediate improvements to be made in this area. In fact, most event-goers create over 4 lbs of waste each day—the vast majority of which winds up in a landfill.  

The addition of onsite recycling bins is a great start. Switching to eco-friendly materials like biodegradable and recycled cups, choosing reusable or biodegradable cutlery, and investing in eco-friendly swag are also great steps to going green. 

3) Implement Partnerships & Networking  

Partnering with eco-conscious businesses for corporate events is also a wonderful way for your clients to promote green initiatives. For example, event planners can invite eco-friendly organizations to set up booths at an event or even feature a speaker from the organization. This type of action fosters collaboration by sharing resources and promoting green practices. Such alliances amplify the message of environmentalism and create a positive, eco-friendly image for all involved. 

Agents and brokers can also actively network with changemakers in the sustainable events industry. Building relationships with planners and venues involved in sustainable gatherings can open opportunities for agents and brokers to provide specialized services and insurance for event planners in this growing segment. 

Eco-friendly water station at an outdoor event.4) Food & Beverage Operations  

Incorporating sustainable food and beverage planning into corporate events is a powerful way to minimize environmental impacts. Luckily, many practical avenues can be used to lessen food and beverage waste at a corporate event. 

For starters, sourcing locally grown, organic ingredients and offering plant-based options will help reduce the carbon footprint. When it comes time to eat, serving individual meals with a waitstaff will result in far less wasted food than a buffet service. Similarly, choosing reusable tableware and providing water stations instead of bottled water will dramatically cut down on total waste. 

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