Event Industry News: 7 Emerging Tech Trends for Event Planners

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As seen with just about any industry in the world today, event planning is being dramatically reshaped and reinvisioned with new technologies. In turn, getting ahead of the curve with novel technologies is essential for staying relevant and creating impactful experiences.

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New Technology Used in Event Management

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1) Contactless Sign-In 

While contactless sign-in originally became popular as a health measure during COVID-19, it has become commonplace today. Contactless check-in allows guests to avoid long lines when entering your facility, while also giving you the tools to track attendance in real-time. This method is particularly helpful with hybrid events, as you only need one check-in process for both in-person and virtual attendees. 

Two people wearing VR glasses.2) Virtual Reality (VR) 

From trade shows to corporate excursions, virtual reality (VR) is revolutionizing the way events are experienced. With VR, attendees can immerse themselves in virtual environments, from participating in team-building exercises to partaking in interactive product demonstrations. The addition of VR to your event is a surefire way to impress attendees and keep them entertained. 

3) Live Streaming 

Live streaming is another popular trend that came about during COVID-19. Once only used in virtual events, event planners are now integrating real-time, live-streaming platforms that connect in-person and remote audiences in hybrid settings. For example, if someone is unable to attend a trade show in person, they can still stream the keynote speaker’s presentation via a live feed. 

4) Artificial Intelligence (AI)

As seen across the business world, artificial intelligence (AI) is also making a big splash in the event planning space. When it comes to the planning phase, AI is being used to automate tasks and enhance decision making with predictive analytics. AI-driven matchmaking algorithms can also be used to create more meaningful connections among attendees which enhances overall networking opportunities. Once an event is live, chatbots can provide immediate answers to attendee questions and keep things moving smoothly.  

Person using a smartphone for live chat.5) Event Management Software

Event management software has become a staple for event planners, offering end-to-end solutions for organizing and executing events. Platforms such as Zoho Backstage and Whova streamline tasks such as registration, ticketing, and attendee management, reducing administrative burdens and busy work. This software also tracks important analytics that can be used to improve future events. 

6) Digital Design Tools 

A growing number of event organizers use event diagramming software like Allseated to create 3D renderings of their event spaces. This practice is similar to how architects use blueprints to design homes. With drag-and-drop functionality, 3D walkthroughs, seating design, stage layouts, and booth/vendor mapping, event organizers are given a powerful tool to design an event space for their unique needs. 

Person scans a QR code on their smartphone.7) QR Codes 

Due to its ease of use and affordability, QR code technology is applicable in many facets of event planning and execution. QR codes can be used for marketing materials like event flyers and speaker cards that act as rich sources of info when scanned. Once an event is live, QR codes allow event planners and attendees to connect without having to meet in person. QR codes can also be used to access event check-ins, venue maps, and brand experiences.

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