Navigating the Evolution: The Future of Corporate Events in 2024

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Looking into 2024, insurance agents and brokers must stay up to speed with the corporate event landscape since it directly impacts risk management and insurance. For example, evolving trends like virtual and hybrid settings can alter liabilities and insurance needs for event planners. 

Top 4 Corporate Event Trends You Should Know

As a corporate event agent, knowing what is on the horizon for 2024 will help you serve your clients more effectively and provide the best possible service. 

1) Hybrid & Virtual ExperiencesVideo camera used to record a corporate event.

While hybrid and virtual events were born out of necessity in the COVID-19 era, event organizers discovered some real utility with online offerings. Currently, as fully virtual corporate events decline, hybrid events have emerged as the industry standard. In fact, over two-thirds of large organizations utilize hybrid events. 

Many event organizers choose to include a hybrid option due to flexibility and accessibility. Hybrid events allow organizers to scale events without all the planning needed for large events where everyone attends in person. Moreover, hybrid events are a great way for guests to attend without having to pay for excessive travel costs. 

2) Focus on Sustainability

As major corporations increasingly prioritize environmentalism, sustainability becomes a prominent focus for event organizers in 2024. While sustainability is an important part of brand values, it can also benefit businesses. In fact, a company’s environmental track record influences 77% of people when making purchasing decisions.

Integrating more sustainable practices into events in 2024 is a great way to showcase brand values and identify with customers on a deeper level. Examples of eco-friendly initiatives at corporate events include digital invites, recycled paper, and refillable water bottle stations. 

3) Technology Integrations  People at a corporate event use VR glasses.

As seen elsewhere in the business world, you should count on new technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) to have a major impact on corporate event planning in 2024. 

While AI tools are being used to save time during the planning process for drafting event outlines and creating marketing material, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are changing the ways people attend and experience events. For example, VR can be used as a tool for collaboration between attendees or for a company to showcase future business plans.  

4) Personalization & Audience Engagement  

In 2024, you can count on event planners to focus on personalization and audience engagement to improve marketing and boost connections between attendees. Tailoring experiences with special touches like custom event mobile apps enhances attendee satisfaction, encourages active participation, and strengthens brand loyalty. 

As we look into the new year, corporate event planners will focus their energy on understanding the exact demographics of attendees. With a clear idea of interests and preferences, planners can create custom agendas, content, and experiences based on those needs. In turn, such personalized events will be both memorable and impactful, while also contributing to more long-term business relationships.

Special Event & Corporate Event Insurance ProvidersWoman writes in a large event planner.

As pioneers in event insurance, Event Insurance Now urges agents and brokers to prepare for a dynamic 2024. By analyzing the event planning scene, you can cater to the shifting insurance demands of event planners in this rapidly changing landscape.

Our company has been a wholesaler of special event coverage to agents and brokers for over 35 years. We have diverse event insurance packages to ensure your clients always have the coverage they need when planning corporate events—no matter if they are in-person, hybrid, or virtual.

Contact us to learn more! 

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