Laughs Guaranteed: Host a Fun Blind Wine Tasting Event on a Budget

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Who says wine tastings have to be pretentious and pricey? Not us! With a little creativity, you can host a hilarious and entertaining blind wine tasting event with friends that won’t break the bank. 

With friends, wine, and a dash of friendly competition, you’ll be laughing and cheering your way to a memorable night. As you sample and vote on your favorite wines, the excitement builds. Who will be the winner? Will it be the fancy label or the underdog? The suspense is all part of the fun.

In this post we share our top tips for throwing a fun, laid-back, and budget-friendly party that’s all about good times, not wine snobbery. So grab a glass and let’s uncork the fun.

The Budget-Friendly Wine Tasting LowdownBottles of wine.

Here’s how it works: Each guest brings a bottle of wine and the maximum budget is $20 or less. You can focus on white, red, sparkling, or even boxed wines—or throw caution to the wind and mix it up. The beauty of this event? There are no rules, only fun and friends. So go ahead, get creative, and let the wine flow.

5 Easy Steps to Get Started With Your Special Event

Ready to sip and savor without breaking the bank? Here’s the scoop on how to host a fun and affordable special event!

Step 1: Prep the Wine

  • Assign a number to each wine and write it down on a pad of paper as well as the name of the guest who brought it.
  • Place the wine in a numbered paper bag that matches the assigned number. This will keep the wine’s identity hidden until the big reveal.

Step 2: Get Out the VoteWine party scorecard.

  • Create a voting card for each guest. Use this super easy printable template.
  • Hand out voting cards after you’ve prepped the wine.

Step 3: Take a Sip

  • Have guests sample each wine and record their score (1-5).

Step 4: Reveal the Winner

  • Tally scores to determine the winner.
  • Reveal the wines by removing them from bags and displaying them with their corresponding numbers.
  • Award prizes. Get creative! Whether it’s a pack of gum or a Jello mold, keep it fun and budget-friendly.
  • You can also award the loser. Why not gift them an ugly Christmas sweater (no matter the time of year)?

Important note: Step number three happens throughout the night! You don’t have to down 20 wine samples in 20 minutes. This is why food, karaoke, and other distractions are a must. Of course, you can just relax and chat, too. Remember, there are no rules.

This is How to Turn Up the Fun MeterFour women take a selfie at a dance party.

Ready to take your bash to the next level? The key is to tailor the party to your friends’ unique style. Though you don’t have to add a theme to your soiree, it is a fabulous option to make the party even more unforgettable.

Want a rockin’ good time? Go for a rock ‘n roll vibe. Prefer a cozy night in? Host a pajama party. The possibilities are endless—luau in February, Christmas in July, or anything in between. The point is, make it your own and have fun with it. Your friends will appreciate the personalized touch and you’ll create an unforgettable night together.

Party Food, Decor & Atmosphere for Your Special Event

You can tailor food, decor, and atmosphere to a theme (if you have one), or simply go with what you and your friends love.

Even though we said there are no rules, there really is just one: Don’t even think about hosting a wine tasting party without some delicious grub to soak up all that grapey goodness. Fruit and chocolates in a decorative bowl.

Whether you’re a pizza party animal or a charcuterie connoisseur, the most important thing is that you’ve got something to munch on. For those of you who delight in comfort food, we wanted to share these retro appetizers that are sure to be a hit or at least a conversation starter. Pro tip: Save money and make it a potluck!

In search of more budget-friendly party ideas? Check out our recent blog, Weirdly Wonderful: 4 Affordable Party Ideas to Amaze Your Friends.

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