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While large events and festivals are exciting money-making ventures, they don’t come without a certain amount of risk. Whether it be financial risks with your overhead investment or safety risks for thousands of attendees, planning a successful festival takes meticulous attention to detail. 

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People sit in the grass at an outdoor festival venue with a stage.How Do You Plan a Large Event?

If you want to create a safe and memorable festival experience for your guests while also protecting your bottom line, it’s important to take certain steps along the way. 

Select a Festival Venue

Before you can dig into important jobs like creating a security plan, you need to choose a venue for your festival. 

As you assess festival sites, keep an eye on potential hazards such as uneven terrain, obstructions, and bodies of water. If they aren’t already provided on-site, be sure that you can acquire portable restrooms, medical stations, and water stations in the area. Finally, you should verify that your festival grounds are large enough for your expected crowd size. 

Create a Safety Plan  

The next step is to develop a comprehensive safety plan that covers all aspects of the event. Your safety plan should include emergency procedures, risk assessment, medical services, security protocols, and crowd management strategies. Event Insurance Now also recommends you communicate with local authorities and emergency services to ensure your plan aligns with local regulations.

Develop a Security Plan  

In order to keep your guests safe, security is of utmost importance. Besides integrating security into your safety plan, you need to hire a professional security team that can effectively manage crowd control, monitor entrances and exits, and handle potential incidents. 

Once the festival starts, be sure to implement security stations and bag checks to keep prohibited items from entering the venue. 

People working at a festival wear yellow vests and blue gloves.Plan for Health & Hygiene  

Since large festivals bring thousands of people together into a small space for several days, health and hygiene should always be a priority

Besides having ample restrooms for your anticipated crowd, you need to provide handwashing facilities as well as hygiene supplies. Also, be sure that you book services that clean your bathrooms throughout the festival, as well as remove excess garbage and recycling throughout the event.  

Anticipate Crowd Management 

Proper crowd management is essential for keeping festival attendees safe. During the planning phase, you should designate specific areas of the festival grounds for different activities, such as food vending, live music, retail sales, and first aid. It’s also essential that you train your staff and volunteers to deal with issues like overcrowding to keep people from getting hurt.  

Lightening storm over a city at night.Plan for Weather Contingencies 

If you’re hosting a large outdoor event, it’s a good idea to anticipate any weather that might arise in your region. Develop contingency plans for various weather scenarios, such as extreme heat and heavy rain. 

For example, if a thunderstorm hits the venue, you need to decide ahead of time if you will let attendees shelter in their vehicles. Once the festival kicks off, monitor weather forecasts regularly and have a system in place to alert attendees of potential risks.

Protect Your Festival with Live Entertainment Insurance

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