Event Insurance: A Guide to Cost, Coverage & Claims

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No matter how experienced you may be or how careful you are when planning an event, it’s important to anticipate the unexpected. Regardless of the event type, there are many ways to protect yourself from claims. 

With event insurance, you can tailor coverage so that it provides the right protection based on the unique needs of your event. 

Learn why event insurance is important and what you need to know about coverage and costs.

Is Event Insurance Worth It? 

A male event planner climbs a ladder to hang stage lights.There are many different types of event insurance coverage. Some options will cover your guests, event staff, and any third parties as well as protect you from any losses or damages that may incur.

You will need to determine your risks before proceeding with any planning and ensure that your policy will cover all eventualities. As far as costs are concerned, this can vary considerably based on the type of event, the scale of the coverage, the size of any deductible, and the requirements of venue owners. 

There are various policies available and each one may have different levels of coverage. You’ll want to work with an expert event insurance company to help you determine the proper coverage.

Learn about some common insurance options available for the event types below.


Peace of mind is priceless. Safeguard your special day with wedding insurance. 

It can protect you against unforeseen incidents like a “trip and fall” or alcohol-related accidents. If you’re hosting the wedding at a third-party site, they may require you to have a general liability policy with a minimum amount of coverage per occurrence. This type of coverage tends to be relatively low-cost and often comes without a deductible.

Learn more about Wedding Liability Insurance.

A child plays on a baseball team and hits the ball.Sports & Sporting Events

Sporting events are dynamic and can often involve accidents. If you’re an organizer, you need one of these special event insurance programs, which can be customized for a variety of sporting events.

For example, consider sporting event insurance for:

  • Team leagues
  • Triathlons
  • Tournaments
  • And more

You can get coverage for participant liability, which may also cover the coaches and staff, and general liability which can cover damage to any rented premises or even general negligence.

Learn more about Sports & Sporting Event Insurance.

Camps & Overnight Events

When you’re organizing an overnight event or a camping trip, consider getting specialized insurance to protect all eventualities. This type of coverage will typically include participant liability and any claims related to volunteers and spectators.

Coverage can also be purchased to include protection for claims made by participants.

Learn more about Camps & Overnight Events Insurance.

Concerts & Festivals

When organizing a concert or festival, consider taking out special event insurance that offers a range of coverage types.

Learn more about Insurance for Special Events.

If you’re a vendor, exhibitor, or concessionaire at an event, you can take out your own commercial liability insurance. This will protect you against claims related to bodily injury or property damage. You may also be able to name volunteers and the facility owner as additional insureds.

Learn more about Insurance for Vendors, Exhibitors & Concessionaires.

As you can see, there are many different types of event insurance, but your goal should be to find a policy that covers the potential risks of your specific event.

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