Do You Need Liability Insurance for Your Special Event?

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Though your event might not seem complex, such as a one-day anniversary or birthday party, an insurance policy is a must to protect you from potential claims.

Let’s say you’ve rented a venue or plan to serve alcohol, an insurance policy can safeguard you in ways you might not be aware of. We invite you to learn about event liability coverage and common policies that can offer peace of mind when you host your next gathering.

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A female insurance agent with dark hair sits across from a man while reviewing event insurance paperwork.What Does Event Insurance Cover?

Keep in mind that insurance is complex and coverage can vary by provider. At Event Insurance Now, we tailor-fit our policies to the unique needs of our clients. We are on hand to speak with you about your specific needs and invite you to reach out to learn more.

Below we offer an overview of the most common type of event coverage, Commercial General Liability Insurance (CGL). 

Event Liability Coverage

Also referred to as Commercial General Liability Insurance (CGL), event liability insurance protects policyholders financially from a range of potential issues. These can include certain types of lawsuits, claims made related to bodily injury, and property damage.

In addition, if you decide to host your event at a venue owned by a third party, they will most likely require you to have this type of coverage. 

As we mentioned previously, having an insurance policy is a must if you’re serving alcohol at an event. In some instances, CGL Insurance includes Host Liquor Liability.

Host Liquor Liability Insurance

Before we dive into host liquor liability insurance, let’s talk about the difference between it and full liability. This is a frequently asked question and an important distinction to know, whether you’re planning a private party or public event.

Host Liquor Liability 

If you intend to serve alcohol at your event, you should certainly look at host liquor liability. This type of policy can provide coverage for bodily injury or property damage caused by someone to whom you may have served alcohol. 

If you do utilize a third-party venue, you typically need to include that venue owner within your liquor liability coverage just in case a plaintiff decides to pursue that venue as well.

At Event Insurance Now, our Commercial General Liability Insurance policy includes Host Liquor Liability in the program price to provide protection for the host who serves alcohol. 

Keep in mind, laws and requirements vary from state to state. The team at Event Insurance Now serves all 50 states and can customize a policy for your unique needs.

An event table has a white tablecloth and holds champagne glasses, appetizers, and fruit.Full Liquor Liability

Full liquor liability coverage is only available to those in the business of selling alcohol and who have the necessary licenses and permits to do so.

For example, if you contracted a company to serve alcohol for you (such as a bar, restaurant, or full-service caterer), they would need full liquor liability insurance. 

Remember to discuss all your event details with your insurance provider so you get the correct type of coverage. 

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