5 Must-Ask Questions Before Booking Your Wedding Venue

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To choose the right wedding venue, you should start with a broad list and narrow down your choices following some specific criteria. Once you have a few key places in mind, it’s time to contact the venues to see which one will be the perfect fit. 

No matter if you are planning a destination wedding or getting married at a local church, there are some essential questions that every couple should ask potential wedding venues. Covering important topics like venue size, pricing, logistics, and wedding insurance will help you make the best possible decisions for planning your big day. 

1) What is the Size of the Venue?  Outdoor wedding venue in front of a mansion with a gazebo.

While it might seem obvious, a great starting point is asking the venue exactly how many people they can accommodate. Knowing the maximum number of guests ensures that the venue is suitable for your needs. In turn, this information guarantees comfort and allows for smooth logistics. 

Many important elements of your wedding are tied directly to venue size. For example, you can’t put together a guest list until you know how many people can fit at the venue. Similarly, you need to base your food and beverage planning around the size of your guest list. 

2) How Do Payments for the Venue Work?  

When choosing a wedding venue, there is no harm in cutting through small talk and asking directly about costs. Paying for a wedding venue is generally a complex process that may include a deposit, installment payments, and service fees.

Understanding the full picture of wedding venue payments will help you avoid unexpected expenses and ensure you don’t strain your finances. For example, a clear cancellation policy will prevent financial loss and minimize stress during the planning process. Similarly, knowing the exact deposit amount will help you budget accurately. 

3) Are There Lodging & Transportation Options? Luxurious hotel room with breakfast tray on the side table.

Inquiring about lodging and transportation options is crucial for ensuring the comfort and convenience of guests. If you’re expecting numerous out-of-town guests, it’s essential to have taxi services and accommodation options close to the venue.

While your family and friends will be thrilled to celebrate your big day, please keep in mind that traveling can be stressful. As such, taking the time to ask about basic services nearby will help ensure things are easy and comfortable when your wedding finally arrives. 

4) Does the Venue Require Wedding Liability Insurance? 

From unexpected mishaps like vendor cancellations to guest slips and falls, weddings can have their surprises. Since many venues require that you have liability insurance at the time of booking, it’s a good idea to get this conversation started ASAP. 

While Event Insurance Now always recommends you have liability insurance to protect your wedding, it’s also a good idea to inquire into what types of policies the venue might have. Having this discussion upfront will ensure everyone is on the same page and adequately protected from liabilities. 

5) What About Food Service & Entertainment?   Luxurious hotel room with breakfast tray on the side table.

Since every facility is different, you should ask the venue exactly what types of food, beverage, and entertainment options they can handle. More luxurious venues might offer kitchens, ballrooms, and stages, while more basic facilities might not even have running water. 

There can be an array of hidden surprises that come along with your venue of choice. For example, an outdoor wedding at a local park might sound great, but does the facility have what your caterers need to serve food safely? Similarly, many entertainers will only work at venues that meet minimum electrical load requirements and offer weather protection. 

Is it Expensive to Insure a Wedding?  

The moment you lock down your dream venue, secure wedding liability insurance. It’s important to protect your big day well in advance. With all the buzz and planning, it’s easy to let this crucial detail slip through the cracks. But, here’s the reassuring bit: whenever you choose to shield your festivities, just ensure you’re partnering with a trusted event insurance company.

Luxurious hotel room with breakfast tray on the side table.

Worried about the cost of wedding insurance? Don’t be! With Event Insurance Now, you can receive wedding liability insurance starting at just $185. Eager to protect your big day? Apply online now and tick one more thing off your planning checklist.

Protect Your Big Day: Wedding Insurance Policies as Low as $185

Effective wedding planning is all about the details. To keep your special day protected, Event Insurance Now recommends getting both cancellation coverage and liability insurance. Register online for free to receive a detailed insurance quote for your wedding. 

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